Fortuna Sittard Vow To Take Legal Actions Against Oliseh As Dutch Club Deny ‘Illegal Practices’ Accusation

Dutch second-tier side Fortuna Sittard have vowed to take the necessary steps against former Super Eagles manager Sunday Oliver after he said his refusal to engage in illegal practices at the club led to his suspension as the club’s head coach.

Oliseh had earlier been suspended by the club on Wednesday prompting him to set the record straight on what led to his suspension via his official Twitter handle.

According to the former Borussia Dortmund and Juventus midfielder, his suspension was fuelled by his refusal to partake in illegal practices.

In their response to Oliseh’s allegation, an official club statement released in Dutch language on Thursday and translated into English said:

“Fortuna Sittard has taken note of the baseless allegations yesterday in various media expressed by Sunday Oliseh after its inactive position earlier that day. Although Fortuna Sittard not want to go in the back and forth making accusations in the press, Fortuna will be fighting strongly the allegations made. The club will take the necessary legal steps follow in this regard. Fortuna identifies himself totally out of these accusations, which not previously been vented internally through Sunday Oliseh. Something that should be expected however given the seriousness of the allegations relating to alleged illegal practices. Fortuna Sittard chooses once to respond by this statement because many media have directly resorted to it after the accusations made by the club. The arbitration case will Fortuna Sittard be submitted to the arbitration committee of the KNVB – an independent body – which will now judge whether there are sufficient grounds to terminate the employment of Sunday Oliseh. Fortuna Sittard believes that this is the case and will support this further motivated toward the commission. If Sunday Oliseh actually believes that there are illegal practices may be expected that this can be substantiated by it in the next procedure in the arbitration of the KNVB with evidence. Not happen overnight Fortuna Sittard is in deciding to Sunday Oliseh not explicitly state inactive gone any chances. Countless reprehensible acts and the disturbed working relationship at the end of Sunday Oliseh Fortuna unfortunately have to decide to make him inactive. Fortuna Sittard has let external legal advice from the Federation of Professional Football Organizations (FBO) throughout the entire process. Disturbed working relationship through culpable conduct the many culpable conduct and escalations eventually led to a disturbed working relationship. The non-active set of the trainer is emphatically not motivated by the four consecutive losses, though it is too good to imagine the disturbed working relationship between Sunday Oliseh, the players and other employees of Fortuna Sittard has had a negative impact. Fortuna Sittard has received numerous written statements from persons who have identified several reprehensible acts, which will also be inserted during the procedure. It gave many of them explicitly that they no longer wanted to work with Sunday Oliseh. Fortuna Sittard has recently also deliberately chosen to keep the peace and to resolve the escalation internally wherever possible, even with the help of external aid. One-time response Fortuna Sittard will from this point not to go into any further unsubstantiated accusations by Sunday Oliseh at the address of the club. Fortuna will therefore, as I said, take appropriate legal countermeasures. If there are any questions from the side of the KNVB in this regard, Fortuna Sittard completely open internal investigation in order to prove that the allegations are completely without foundation. To one and the other not to escalate, Fortuna Sittard will further views, as stated above, provide further details motivated during the upcoming KNVB arbitration procedure. Fortuna Sittard is confident of a positive outcome of the case.”