FORMULA ONE: Mexico Grand Prix To Go On As Planned Amidst Recent Earthquake.

Tuesday’s devastating magnitude 7.1 earthquake that hit the City of Mexico will not be enough to halt this year’s Mexican Grand Prix according to the race organizers

The earthquake which has been recorded as Mexico’s deadliest in three decades had cast doubts on whether the 2017 race was going to still happen next month. However, marketing head of the Autodromo Hermanos Rodrigues, Rodrigo Sanchez, has maintained that the October race would go ahead as scheduled.

Rodrigo also added that the race would look to support the bereaved City in any way they can.

“It’s been inspected twice already from the track surface and also the buildings, and it’s OK.” Sanchez said.

“We’ll continue doing assessments as we go but so far there’s really no concern (about facilities). We’ll have a race.”

Sources have recorded the casualties of the Tuesday magnitude 7.1 earthquake to be hitting a mammoth 226 death toll with many more injuries across the country.

The Mexican grand prix which attracts the second most amount of spectators on the Formula One Calendar is backed by the government, which pays the hosting fees to Formula One and sees it as an important driver for tourism and Mexico’s image abroad.

Sanchez also added the need to help victims with immediate relieve materials to get back to their normal lives.

 “We’re trying to put out there all the information relevant to how people can help. Right now the concern is really getting everything back moving from the city perspective and supporting any way we can,’ he added.

“If things stay the same, we’ll just keep working on what we’re doing. The track is fine so we just need to re-focus and get this show done.”

The grand prix is scheduled for 27-29 October this year.