The Money Fight: Mayweather Requests The Use Of Lighter Gloves Against McGregor

America’s Floyd Mayweather has officially requested to use lighter gloves against Conor McGregor in “The Money Fight” next month.

Undefeated Mayweather submitted necessary documents to the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC), the body authorizing the bout, on Wednesday, requesting to use the 8oz gloves.

According to the NAC rules, 154 lbs fighters require 10oz gloves, as lighter gloves give less cushion to the hand but theoretically enables devastating punches.

Speaking to the BBC, NAC Executive Director Bob Bennett, said: “Even if they are both in agreement, our number one policy is the health and safety of the fighters,”

“To deviate from our regulations at a difference of 7lbs would be for the chairman and commissioners to determine.”

The request is now subject to a debate by the NAC Council before a final decision will be made ahead of the August 26 bout in Las Vegas.