FCAAN Announce Switch To Digital ID Cards For Members

The Football Coaches Association of African Nations has announced a switch to Digital ID Cards for its members.

The development was made known by the President and Founder of the FCAAN Founder Dr Terry Eguaoje.

According to Dr Eguajoe, Irish based Software Development Studio Plovtech Solution will oversee the transition from a physical means of identification to a digital platform for FCAAN members.

Both bodies signed an MOU to that effect in March before the raging COVID 19 Pandemic halted all sporting activities worldwide.

“We signed the MOU already and the first batch of the ID Cards are now under Production to be released soon” Dr Eguaoje revealed.

Plovtech Solutions Global Corporate Director, Dr Ken Gabriel, added that apart from identifying members, the new FCAAN ID card will serve numerous other functions including enabling access to FCAAN courses and functions.

A digital ID card also does away with the need for a physical ID card to be present on a person at all times as it can be accessed easily from multiple digital devices and is more secure.

It can not be lost and ensures the integrity of the FCAAN by protecting against counterfeiting.

“It is quite visionary for FCAAN to embrace mobile identity or IDverify, for its members, meaning the creation of a mechanism – initiated using the Digital component – for accessing online services with a high level of security thanks to mobile devices,” Dr Gabriel said.

“What’s more, the electronic format of the FCAAN ID cards means that, in addition to identification for FCAAN membership, Its electronic signature applications are also ideally suited to other use such as granting the user access to FCAAN Courses and Programs,” he added.

The Football Coaches Association of Africa Nations was established in 2004 and aims to be the leading organization in Africa dedicated to providing the best coaching courses to football coaches in Africa and around the world according to its website.