FC Barcelona Officially Presents 2020-21 Jersey

FC Barcelona has officially presented the new jersey for the 2020-21 season, whose design is inspired by the 1920s, considered the Club’s first Golden Era.

Following the Club’s official presentation of the jersey on Tuesday, July 14, the kit is going on sale at the Barça Stores of Camp Nou (also online), Canaletes, Passeig de Gràcia and La Roca Village. Soon it will be available at the stores in Barcelona Airport (T1 and T2), which will open in the upcoming weeks. 

Specifically, at the different FC Barcelona points of sale, fans will be able to find the quality Match jersey, the same one that the players wear at games. This model uses Vaporknit technology, a lightweight high-performance textile whose excellent elasticity helps to boost mobility and generate a high level of breathability.

FC Barcelona will soon announce the on-sale date for garments of the Stadium line, a cheaper line. Due to a technical issue, these models were withdrawn from the distribution controlled by FC Barcelona, and once the problem is solved, the Club will inform when the garments will be available through the usual stores and distribution channels. 

This season, the jersey is recovering its traditional vertical stripes but is including gold as a distinctive element. The ‘Blaugrana’ stripes are bordered on each side by gold strips, which evoke the design of the Club crest that the team wore on their shirts throughout the 1920s.

Another outstanding feature of the new design is the roundneck collar that also has a gold-coloured rim, while the Catalan ‘Senyera’ flag appears on the back, just underneath. The full kit also includes blue shorts, with a vertical maroon stripe on the side, which also has a gold rim, and horizontally striped socks that imitate the shirt design. 

Inspired By The Club’s First Golden Era

It was in the 1920s that football became a mass phenomenon in the city, and FC Barcelona attracted a good part of that attention with legendary players like Samitier, Alcántara, Zamora, Sagi, Piera and Sancho, who became Barça’s first local heroes. 

Together they formed a legendary side that drew huge crowds and led to the construction in 1922 of Les Corts, the clubs first stadium of its own. Of the many victories in that era, the most celebrated was the Spanish Championship (now the Copa del Rey), won in 1928 against Real Sociedad, and in 1929 FC Barcelona became the first winners of LaLiga title, a tournament that would go on to become the most important championship in the country.

Commitment To Sustainability

The shirt and shorts are produced using 100% recycled polyester, obtained using recycled plastic bottles that are melted to create a very fine thread. The outcome is a material that not only boosts sporting performance but also has less of an effect on the environment.