Fabregas Bids Farewell to Chelsea as He Finds New ‘European Project’

Free to negotiate with whomever he wants from Tuesday, January 1st, 2019, Cesc Fabregas is already making moves to leave Chelsea for a new project in Europe.

Fabregas’ new team will represent a totally different challenge for the player, who until now has led important projects and, almost always, as a starter and essential player.

This has been the case largely throughout his career: Arsenal, Barcelona and Chelsea.

His new destination will be known shortly, and according to sources close to the midfielder, it will be a ‘European project.’

Cesc’s leaving The Blues was always on the horizon and inevitable.

At only 31 years old – he’s not 32 until May – he’s been relegated to a secondary role in Maurizio Sarri’s new Chelsea.

The Italian coach has a very structured and fixed midfield, with Jorginho, Kante and Kovacic.

Fabregas’ options, therefore, have been reduced and they will continue to be so if he stays in London.

If he leaves in January, as everything seems to indicate he will, Chelsea would also get some money him, since his contract doesn’t expire until June 2019.

Some have suggested Monaco as a possible destination but that’s difficult since they’re in the relegation places and completing a horrible season.

However, Cesc would be again the midfield general under the command of Thierry Henry, Arsenal captain in the first years of his career in the Premier League and a good friend of the Catalan.