European Leagues Cancelled, Nigerians Affected

Two Leagues in Europe have been cancelled as a result of the widespreading coronavirus pandemic.

The virus which is communicable has infected over three million people and claimed over two hundred thousand lives worldwide.

Governments have had to order a total lockdown hence restricting movement of people including footballers.

On Friday, the Eredivisie – the Netherlands topflight league – was cancelled and the entire season declared void except that Ajax and Alzamaar who were in first and second positions respectively will qualify for Champions League.

Also, no sides will be relegated or promoted from the second division.

However, Super Eagles striker Cyriel Dessers will no longer receive the golden boot award as he was tied at 15 goals alongside.

Also, the 2019/2020 season in France has been affected as football leagues were yesterday cancelled.

No decisions have been taken yet about the yardstick for declaring UCL representatives. Neither has the fate of teams at the lower rung of the table been decided.

The Belgian Pro League is equally on the verge of being cancelled as voting for the cancellation of the League was shifted to a later date.