Enyimba Condemns Rivers United Supporters, Urge LMC To Investigate Violence Against Players & Officials

Enyimba Football Club condemns in the strongest terms possible, the alarming conduct of supporters of Rivers United during our visit to the Yakubu Gowon stadium in Port Harcourt on Saturday for our training session ahead of the Week 35 NPFL game with the club.

We are shocked and outraged that supporters of Rivers United chased our team out of the stadium, threatening to shoot them down. Our staff who captured these actions had their phones seized and pushed down staircases. This is totally unacceptable.

Such abhorrent display of hooliganism has no place in our football and we call on the League Management Company to investigate the actions of these persons and ensure that the Rivers State Football Association provides great security on Sunday to prevent the loss of life.

Already they have declared that there would be bloodshed and loss of lives if Rivers United do not win on Sunday. Should threat to life become a part of our football if a team is desperate to win? The referees have already been replaced.

These are calculated attempts to win unjustly and unfairly and we must collectively condemn these actions of the supporters of Rivers United, acting in the full glare of their officials.

That Rivers United are trying to escape relegation from the Nigeria Professional Football League does not give their supporters the right to threaten and physically assault our staff.

Our players have been disturbed deeply by the actions of these hooligans and while this may be the purpose of Saturday’s hostility, we are demanding for a great security presence on match day.

The situation at the stadium today was horrible and we are holding meetings right now to assess the situation and decide whether we would honour the game because the lives of our players and officials are in grave danger.