Enugu Rangers’ AITEO Cup Winning Secret Revealed

Rangers International FC’s GM/CEO, Prince Davidson Owunmi, in a recent interview with Grande Sports attributes Rangers’ latest Aiteo Cup win to the mindset and philosophy he impacted when he took the reins at the helm of the club. Stating that all the clubs he had worked with got continental tickets and he is often referred to as “Continental GM”.

He also attributed the win as something pre-ordained when he said: “There are certain things God does to take away the hands of men from victory… God does his things in [such] a sequence that you will know that it is God that has done this and not you.”

“The last time Rangers won the title was in October 1983. 2016 when Rangers won the League, it was in October. This year’s Aiteo Cup Final was played… in October. So you could see that there was a relative sequence in that, divinely ordained,” he added.

Going further he said: “After almost 80 minutes in Asaba, Kelvin Itoya took a piledriver from almost half of the field and it got into the net… The player that went to pick the ball was Eze Chidera, he was the scorer of the second goal. When they scored the second goal, Ajani went to pick the ball from the net and he ended up being the scorer of the third goal. So if you follow  the sequence of progression, it tells you there is something very spiritual about this cup and all the glory goes to God.”

When asked why he left the stands at half time to join the Technical Crew on the bench he said: “I came down to give hope to the players, I came down to tell them that it is not over until it is over. One thing I told them was that they should look at the jersey I was wearing, underneath it says “Never Say Die,” that was the spirit I brought to them on the bench and when the equalizer came in the players lifted me up.”

He went on to say that his job does not end in the office but also extends to the pitch where the players are because part of his job is crisis management, and as at that time Rangers was in crisis and he only did his job.