Deion Sanders calls out the media after win over TCU: “Now what? Everybody quiet now.”

Deion Sanders has never shied away from trash talk. He had plenty of reason to talk it Saturday afternoon.

After his Colorado Buffaloes stunned TCU in a 45-42 win in Fort Worth, Sanders settled into the podium at his postgame press conference. And he was ready to set the record straight.

“I got receipts, I know who they are,” Sanders said of his critics. “I tried to tell you [about Travis Hunter] but you didn’t want to believe me, because I’m just a lofty old young coach. I don’t know nothing about football. I just played in the NFL for 14. Played at a high level in college for four. And been coaching youth all the way up for a long time. How do you think we got Dylan Edwards? I coached him when he was 4-7 years old. That’s why we got Dylan Edwards.”

Sanders’ chest-thumping

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