Danny Rose: “I’m Worth More Than” What I Get From Tottenham

Tottenham and England left back, Danny Rose has declared that his wages at Tottenham do not correspond with what he’s worth.

In a daring interview, exclusive to SunSport, Rose, who joined Tottenham from Leeds United in 2007 and have been reportedly linked with moves to Chelsea and Manchester United, insisted that “I know my worth and I will make sure I get what I am worth.”

He continued, “I am not playing as well as I have done not to get paid what I think I am worth, in any walk of life, if you think you are worth a certain amount, why settle for less? I am not that person.”

“As with everyone else in my team, in my opinion, I am worth more than I am getting, I am not speaking on behalf of other players, but that is my view.”

27-year-old Rose signed a new five-year contract with Spurs last September but missed significant parts of Tottenham’s campaign last season due to a knee injury.

“If I get to levels I reached last season — and this goes out to everybody — I will make sure I get what I am worth. I don’t know how much longer I might have at this level. I’m not going to be stupid enough not to try and get the most out of it — medals, trophies and salary.” he added.