Court Date Fixed For Attempted Murder Claim Between Football Journalist And Former NFF Board Member

Leading football journalist China Acheru will have to appear before a judge to substantiate claims of threats against his life by former NFF board member Barrister Chris Green.

Acheru, who sensationally claimed that his “life may just be about to be taken” by Green in a blog post on his website in June of 2019, was served a writ of notice mandating him to appear before a Rivers State High Court in February in a suit filed by Barrister Green. 

Both men, natives of Rivers State and resident in Port Harcourt, have been embroiled in a state of active hostility dating several years.

Matters, however, took a dramatic turn last year when Mr Acheru made the claims against Barrister Green.

“If I am killed or anything sad happens to me, the person to hold responsible is Barrister Christopher Green, the current chairman of the Rivers State Football Association,” Acheru wrote on his website

Whilst there had always been bad blood between the two men, their worsening relationship apparently has political undertones.

Acheru claimed in his blogpost that Green’s bloodlust is linked to his stated ambition to contest for the position of Vice Chairman of the Rivers State FA – a place where Green currently holds court as Chairman (the elections have since held with Green winning a disputed 4th term).

Detailing a catalogue of past events where Barrister Green made threatening comments and took hostile action against his person, Acheru claimed that the case of Amoni Biambo who was shot multiple times in 2014 after running afoul of Barrister Green made it imperative to sound an alarm following what he described as “actions” showing that Green “is capable of taking my life or those of members of my family”.

Describing Green as a “narcissistic sociopath”, who “has been linked to attempted murder before”, Acheru claimed the former NFF technical committee chairman was heard in the presence of four other persons making remarks that could be interpreted as life-threatening to him.

“By the grace of God, na only one telephone call I go make, China no go enter Port Harcourt again… Dem go wait am… My younger ones… I swear to God… Only one telephone call, China no go enter Port Harcourt…My silence is ominous. People who know me… know I am very dangerous… I go chase you come your kitchen..,” Gren was alleged to have said in pidgin English.

Rattled by the publicity and the attendant hue and cry generated by Acheru’s blogpost, Barrister Green attempted to play down the issue claiming in the press that he had no quarrel with Acheru who he described as his “brother”.

He, however, filed a criminal complaint against Acheru and the matter will now come up for hearing on 11 February at High Court number 15 of the Rivers State High Court, Port Harcourt Division.

When reached for his reaction, Mr Acheru declined to comment on a matter he said is before the courts. Barrister Green could not be reached for comments.