Cazorla Targets Injury Return Before Season Ends

Injury striken Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla is optimistic that he can return to the pitch to play for the Gunners before the end of the season next month.

The Spanish star has been sidelined for the last 18 months with several injuries but is ready to play his part before this season grinds to a halt.

When asked about his current situation, Cazorla, who is presently working on his fitness at Real Oviedo’s training centre told AS that: “I’ve still got some way to go, because after being sidelined for 18 months, everything has to be done in its own time.

“But the sensations I have keep getting better and I’m feeling optimistic about the future.

“The objective is to play some part with the team before the season ends, but we have to take things carefully.” he added.

Cazorla, who is expected back in England on Thursday, further stated that: “After being out for so long it will take a while to get back into form, it’s a real struggle, but when you have been out like I have, you also notice pains elsewhere – apart from what I’ve had with my tendon.

“But all of that must mean that I am doing things right, and I hope to be back as soon as possible.” he concluded.

The two-time European Championship winner also admitted that it will be “very strange” to see club manager Arsene Wenger leave the Gunners after 22 years.

Speaking further on Wenger, the former Malaga and Villareal playmaker said: “I hope the club gives him a good send-off; he has given his life to Arsenal. He has made his decision and I hope whoever comes in has all the luck in the world.

“England is second to none when it comes to valuing the work of people who have dedicated their lives to a football club, you could see that in the reception he got at Old Trafford.” he added.