Career-Ending Injuries In Football, And Why You Should Learn To Bet On Injury – Free Players

Considering that football is mainly physical in nature, demanding agility, strength, and speed, injuries can be severe for footballers. Not only will they lose their value as footballers but also suffer the pain of broken dreams.

If you’re looking to bet on sites like, know whether the player is prone to injury. It might just help you win the bet – as you would be betting on a player with a higher probability to win.

In fact, there has been a long record of career-ending injuries in football. Though these are not very common, they can prove to be grave and serious.

Top Incidents of Football Injuries

Listed below are a few of such unfortunate incidents:

1. David Busst

Widely regarded as one of the worst injuries in the history of football, David Busst suffered a horrific injury after colliding with Brian McClair and Denis Irwin. It was

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