CAF Scrap Two Legged Finals for Champions League and Confederations Cup

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) made the decision, through its Executive Committee, to scrap the double legged fixture of the CAF Champions League final and the CAF Confederation Cup final.

Both finals will now be played at a neutral venue in a single fixture. This comes after clamour from fans and federations for the double legged ties to be done away with and the adoption of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League finals format.

The decision was reached during CAF’s extraordinary Executive Committee meeting held at the Marriot Hotel in Cairo, Egypt, which was later officially announced by president Ahmad Ahmad.

CAF also announced the decision to increase the number of participants in the Africa Women’s Cup of Nations from the previous 8 teams to 12 teams starting from the 2020 edition.

Congo’s decision to withdraw from hosting the 2020 AWCON was also included in the proceedings of the meeting. However, no decision was made regarding potential hosts.