British Cyclist Froome Faces Ban Over Failed Drugs Test

British Cycling legend Chris Froome could be banned for 12 months after failed drugs test at Vuelta a Espana (Tour of Spain) in September.

His urine test showed the double ration of dose permitted in the treatment of ‘acute asthma’.

Chris Froome’s sample revealed a concentration of Salbutamol double the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) threshold.

In his reaction to the news, the 4-time Tour de France winner expressed his readiness to provide any information that’s required by the cycling body (UCI) about his use of medication for asthma during the race.

Italian cyclist Alessandro Petacchi was given a 12-month ban some ten years ago (2007) for using Salbutamol during the Giro d’Italia excessively before being stripped of his five stage wins.

In his words, Froome said: ‘The UCI is absolutely right to examine test results and, together with the team, I will provide whatever information it requires.

“It is well known that I have asthma and I know exactly what the rules are.

“I use an inhaler to manage my symptoms (always within the permissible limits) and I know for sure that I will be tested every day I wear the race leader’s jersey.

“My asthma got worse at the Vuelta so I followed the team doctor’s advice to increase my Salbutamol dosage. As always, I took the greatest care to ensure that I did not use more than the permissible dose.” he added.