Barcelona Is Coming To EPL? Catalan Sports Minister Confirms Its Possibility

Catalan sports minister Gerard Figueras has revealed that Spanish giants Barcelona could join other leagues like the English Premier League (EPL), Italian Serie A or French Ligue 1 if the region secures independence.

A controversial referendum is expected to be staged on Sunday with Catalunya seeking independence though the Spanish government is adamant that the process is illegal, with ballot boxes being seized while prime minister Mariano has declared that the vote “won’t happen”.

Catalan natives are unperturbed as they try to force through their independence quest meaning the likes of Barcelona, Espanyol and Girona could face uncertain futures.

Speaking on the matter, Figueras said: “In the case of independence, Catalan teams in La Liga – Barcelona, Espanyol and Girona – will have to decide where they want to play: in the Spanish league or a neighbouring country like Italy, France or the Premier League.

“Now in Spain there teams from other countries who play in national leagues: clubs from Andorra in football and basketball. Monaco play in France, in England Welsh clubs. I don’t think that UEFA has anything against seeing another club play in a different league from their country.” he added.

He also stated that Barcelona could still stay with the Spanish La Liga however that might not be realistic with the league clearly against the idea if the region becomes an independent one.

Spanish La Liga president Javier Tebas was very clear with this. He said: “In sport, it isn’t a la carte and things must be clearly stated. It isn’t easy to have an agreement and study Spanish legislation but if they [the Catalan clubs] do get that, then they will not be able to play in Spain’s La Liga, but I hope it doesn’t come to that.”

Barcelona have also released a statement on the state of things with the club saying that they will continue to provide support for the Catalan people in a peaceful manner.

The statement read: “FC Barcelona, in holding the utmost respect for its diverse body of members, will continue to support the will of the majority of Catalan people, and will do so in a civil, peaceful, and exemplary way.”

The Nou Camp giants have made light work of the current situation with the team currently at the top of the Spanish La Liga with six wins from their first six league games of the season.