AUDIO: Igali Reiterates Call For Sponsorship Of Wrestling In Nigeria  

President of the Nigeria Wrestling Federation (NWF) Daniel Igali has reiterated his call on the Private and Public sector to sponsor wrestling in the country, stating that government can no longer single-handedly fund sports effectively.

Nigeria have often time missed out of participation in international sporting events as a result of lack or paucity of funds, a situation that has negatively affected the growth and development of sports, including wrestling.

With government struggling to adequately fund sports due to the prevailing economic situation in Nigeria, the Olympic and World Champion believes the Private sector can partner with the Wrestling Federation, no matter how little.

“The sponsorship does not have to be too much,” Igali noted. “For instance, in Rivers State now, If you identify an athlete and say ‘listen, I’m going to support you with N10,000 every month’, that’s your sponsorship for the athlete.

“Maybe, don’t even go for the already established ones, look for one 12, 13, 14-year old athlete and stay with him for another 4,5,6,7, 8 years. The satisfaction you’ll get is that you had planned something.

“Now at the federal level, there is no way I see our Federal Government being able to sponsor sports effectively. And that is why you have in some other climes, like England, the Lottery Fund,” the Bayelsa State Lawmaker declared.

Igali himself is also a sponsor of wrestling in Nigeria as he usually makes provision for the camping and feeding of athletes prior to competitions within and outside the country.