Why Astori And Not Masiello’ – Bari Fans Unveil Controversial Banner

Bari fans have hung a controversial banner asking why Davide Astori died and not Atalanta defender Andrea Masiello.

Italian football was thrown into a state of mourning on Sunday after news broke that Fiorentina captain Davide Astori is dead.

The sad news prompted the postponement of Sunday’s Serie A games.

The aforementioned banner was pinned to a flyover on a ring road in Poggiofranco near Bari and it read: “Why Astori and not Masiello?”

According to reports, the message was displayed throughout Sunday night, some hours after the unfortunate death of Astori.

Bari fans’ grudge against Masiello started some seven years ago when he was involved in match-fixing.

He deliberately scored an own goal during the Pugliese derby of May 2011 to keep Lecce in the top flight.