Allen Onyema – Sports And Diplomacy Hero Of The Century! –Odegbami

I wake up to pen my weekly contribution to national sports discourse, and I am confronted with very unpleasant reports of an event that took place in Owerri the day before, far from any sports field or sports event, but still totally impacting Nigerian sports.

In the past two weeks, I have been working on putting to bed a national project conceived by a man with an uncommon love for Nigerians, a man for whom I have developed tremendous respect and admiration since our chance-encounter on the staircase of Air Peace Airline aircraft in Abuja some three years ago.

Completely from the blue that evening, after hugs and kisses that we had not seen each other for ages, he dumped on me the idea of coming up with a social event to assemble the surviving members of the 1980 African Cup of Nations national football team, the Green Eagles.

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