Ahmed Musa Reveals “Saddest Moment” Of His Life (AUDIO)

Super Eagles captain Ahmed Musa has opened up on what he describes as “the saddest moment” of his life: losing his mother, Sarah Moses last year and how it affected and knocked him off balance at Saudi side Al Nassr FC.

Many footballers can seem a tad detached from reality, their luxurious lifestyles and self-centric bubbles serving to create an alternate reality in which many fans think them inured from life’s tragedies.

But in a revealing interview with busybuddiesng.com, the player says he struggled for a long period to come to grips with the death of his sole surviving parent in January 2019.

Having lost his father when he was just seven years old, 27-year old Musa said he had looked forward to his mother who single-handedly nurtured his dream of playing professional football to reality, living much longer to enjoy from the fruits of her long labour.

But Mrs. Moses succumbed to death at a private hospital in Abuja on the 24 January 2019 barely 24 hours after the player had shared a heartfelt message on micro-blogging site Twitter wishing her a swift recovery.

His mother’s death left him devastated and unable to keep focus at his club side as his form dipped severely in the months following her demise.

Over a year later and Musa is still coming to grips with the heartwrenching loss but says he is resigned to the fact of her demise because “there is nothing I can do”.

“I think that is one of my saddest moments that I have ever faced because I lost my dad when I was nothing, but I know anywhere he is, he is proud of me now,” Musa told busybuddiesng.com.

“But for my mum, she played a very big role in my career. That’s why, I think if you notice, in my club, it affected me a lot for more than three months.

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“I couldn’t even understand what I was playing, my club knew that I had lost something that is more important to me. But that is life, I have to go on.

“I know I really miss her but there is nothing I can do.