2019 FIFA WWC: IFAB Suspends Law 10 Following Nigeria’s Controversial Loss to France on Monday

The International Football Board (IFAB) have suspended the caution rule against goalkeepers when they infringe on the laws in the process of a penalty, after FIFA submitted a request for a temporary dispensation during the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The dispensation comes after Nigeria’s goalkeeper Chiamaka Nnadozie was cautioned after stepping off the line before a kick awarded to France was taken. The Law currently states, “if the goalkeeper commits an offence and, as a result, the kick is retaken, the goalkeeper must be cautioned”.

In a statement released on IFAB’s official website, the rules regulating body gave reasons for the temporary dispensation;

– the presence of VARs acts as a far greater deterrent than the caution

– the presence of VARs greatly increases the likelihood of any offence being detected and, as goalkeepers are likely to face a number of kicks during KFPM, there is a higher risk that a goalkeeper will be sent off for receiving a second caution if already cautioned in normal time, or two cautions during the KFPM

– unlike during ‘normal time’, when a sent-off goalkeeper can usually be ‘replaced’ by the team substituting an outfield player for a specialist reserve goalkeeper, substitutions are not allowed in KFPM so an outfield player would have to become the goalkeeper

The dispensation comes after Nigeria lost by a lone goal to France from a retaken penalty in their final Group A match, which was widely adjudged by fans and pundits as an unfair call against the Super Falcons.